Annunciation House
Mission Statement

Stressed Woman

Annunciation Women’s Discernment House is a ministry of the Confraternity of Penitents (CFP), a Catholic Lay Association of the faithful following a modified 1221 Rule of St Francis of Assisi.


Annunciation House provides low-cost housing and supportive programs for Catholic women discerning the call and will of God for their state in life be that a religious vocation, marriage, single life, consecrated virginity, diocesan hermit or sudden life altering changes in later life.

Far from the noise and distractions of the world, the soul, through a supportive program of regular prayer, spiritual direction, daily Mass attendance, educational programs and community life in a peaceful family atmosphere, begins to hear the will of God for their lives. Thus, with the action of the Holy Spirit, we assist in building lives for the Kingdom of God.

During this period of time residents are encouraged to have a part-time job or work ten hours per week in the CFP’s gift shop to cover their monthly Program Service Fee, either fully or partially, as well as to purchase food and other necessities.