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We strive to grow daily in faith and Christian virtue.

We propose the Evangelical Counsels of Poverty, Chastity, and Obedience, lived according to the state in life of each resident. Prayer and charity are also central to our way of life. 


  • Take time every day for prayer and contemplation. If you need guidance, your house administrator will be happy to help!

  • You are highly encouraged to join us for the Divine Office (a.k.a. Liturgy of the Hours). Don’t worry if you've never prayed it. We can help you learn. 

  • Residents are encouraged to attend daily Mass and receive the sacraments as often as possible.

  • Spiritual Direction is strongly recommended. If you don't have a spiritual director, your house administratort may be able to help you find one. 

Besides basic respect of other residents, you can foster fraternal charity by:

  • Attending common meals when you are able

  • Attending community events

  • Praying for the community and the CFP which sponsors Annunciation House.

  • Refraining from gossip​



  • Use utilities such as water, heat, and electricity with moderation.

  • Avoid bringing excessive possessions with you or accumulating more than you can neatly store in your room.

  • Keep common areas clean, tidying up after yourself when necessary.



  • Dating is allowed for those discerning marriage, but please do not have your date at the house except for pick-up/drop-off, or if there is a community event to which they are invited. 

  • Avoid foul language and humor in speech and in media.

  • Pornography is absolutely forbidden. 

  • Dress modestly. Modest clothing is meant to conceal rather than reveal.


  • Let your house administrator know about your work schedule and other engagements. 

  • Let your house administrator know ahead of time if you will be away overnight.

  • Be diligent and respectful during any volunteer hours. 

  • Stick to commitments made to the house and to your own spiritual life.

Three Women

Annunciation Vita Dei House: 
Affordable, Inexpensive Community Living for Catholic Women, Fort Wayne, Indiana

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